The ‘Parent Track’
Lawyer Moms and Dads Explore Child-care Options
By Erica Glaser
Originally appeared in June 2008 OSB Bulletin
Life, law and the pursuit of happiness
By Doug Sedwick
Originally appeared in January 2008 OSB Bulletin

Practices that lead to a high measure of satisfaction
By Mary Overgaard
Originally appeared in June 2005 OSB Bulletin

Enabling quality of life in the legal field:
Two firms’ experiences
By Jean Ohman Back & Zan Tewksbury
Originally appeared in November 2000 OSB Bulletin

Creating flexible workplaces for lawyers and legal support staff
By Marvin D. Fjordbeck
Originally appeared in May 2000 OSB Bulletin

The inadequacy of a balanced life
By Max Rae
Originally appeared in August/September 1999 OSB Bulletin

Negotiating part-time associate status in a traditional law firm
By David E. Dean
Originally appeared in August/September 1998 OSB Bulletin

Balancing personal life, family and career: What does it mean?
By Robert G. Deveny
Originally appeared in January 1998 OSB Bulletin
By Eva Marcotrigiano
Originally appeared in September 2013 The Multnomah Lawyer
By Amy Miller & Kevin Myles
Originally appeared in December 2012 OSB Bulletin

By Lawrence S. Kreiger & Kennon M. Sheldon
Originally Appeared in The George Washington University Law Review, Vol. 83 (2015 Forthcoming); FSU College of Law, Public Law Research Paper No. 667.